A quiet cabin where farmers & first responders can find refuge from stress and anxiety.

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Take a moment to breathe and step back from your day to-day struggles.

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The Respite Cabin offers solace and support while you reflect on your life.

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Receive support to develop the resilience skills you need to live well and move forward.

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Discover how to reconnect and get support from family, friends and your community.

The Three Oaks
Respite Cabin Provides:

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Comfortable Accommodations

An elegant log cabin closely connected to nature

A quiet place to rest and recover

Recover from daily stresses and anxiety

Access to mental health support

Access professionals and
support programs

A tranquil place to reorient and refocus

Reflect on relationships and life goals

A safe place to be Honest

Acknowledge struggles and formulate a plan to address them

Quiet facilities TO HOST EVENTS

Event space for individual or group education and therapy sessions

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Consider the need!

Farmers and First Responders experience an unprecedented amount of stress, and are at high risk for developing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts.

High exposure to trauma

First Responders are 90% more at risk for being exposed to a traumatic event

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Extreme stress and anxiety

58% of Farmers and 88% of First Responders report feeling anxious and stressed

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High suicide rate

25% of First Responders think about suicide, and Farmers are twice as likely to die by suicide than the general population


Our Story

Tragedy in our family inspires The Three Oaks Respite Cabin

To everyone who knew him, Dalles seemed fine… he had a loving and beautiful wife, was fulfilling his dream to be a Farmer and volunteered his time as a First Responder. On the outside, everything appeared more than fine. But things were not fine…

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Our Mission

To enhance and support the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals primarily involved in the agricultural and First Responder communities who are struggling with forms of stress and anxiety.

Our Vision

The Three Oaks Respite Cabin will be a quiet place where individuals  who are facing emotional and mental fatigue can seek solace. It will provide guests with accommodation, resources and support for mental wellness, including the necessary resilience and coping skills needed for living well in their personal and professional lives.

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We're Supported by our community

Having grown up in a farming family, I know first-hand how mental health in the agricultural sector and beyond has been neglected for far too long. This tragic story truly emphasizes just how close to home the pain is. The manner in which the Bergsma Family has chosen to honour the memory of Dalles is an inspirational helpline for struggling rural Canadians. I sincerely hope that anyone hurting, will take advantage of this Respite Cabin and find there is much to live for.”

Lianne Rood , M.P.
Lambton Kent Middlesex

“The project, to create a place of respite for
First Responders and their families, who are so frequently in need of refuge from the stresses
of their lives, either in solitude or with their peers is a worthwhile one. I believe that, if approved, it will put Dawn-Euphemia in the vanguard of those communities who are doing something to recognize the value of the service of our First Responders who, in our smaller communities, are mostly volunteers.”

Monte McNaughton, MPP
Lambton Kent Middlesex

“An inspiring charity that brings healing and hope for tomorrow in memory of a loved community First Responder”

Al Broad, Mayor
Dawn Euphemia Township.

“Farmers and First Responders across Ontario are in need of specific, culturally appropriate services that meet their unique needs. Three Oaks Respite Cabin will be an ideal spot to provide Farmers and First Responders with a brief break from the mental health injury they have experienced due to chronic stress. I highly recommend this project/ministry for those that want to partner with the Bergsma Family in order to provide a safe place to begin a journey of healing.”

Lauren VanEwyk, M.Sc.MHC, RSW
Wellspring Counselling Services

“As a fire chief, I can provide countless hours of safety, first aid and training to my crew. However, mental health of our crew is something we don’t always know or understand enough to handle. There is no quick fix. That is why I believe it is critically important to not only our firefighters, but to others in the area, that we have access to something like Three Oaks Respite Cabin. It becomes a tool all of us can utilize to help our crews be better fire fighters and improve our own mental health.”

Don Ewing, Fire Chief
Dawn Euphemia Fire Department

“The most important part in Farm Safety is a person’s well being especially their mental health. Sometimes to have a place to get away from the day-to-day struggles is very important for some people’s coping needs. The peace and tranquility at Three Oaks would be a great spot to have available for Lambton Farmers and residents to have access to for their emotional journey.”

George Dickenson, Chairman
Lambton Farm Safety

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