An update on our building progress


January was a dull month in South West Ontario. Not much in the way of bright wintery days. For many the isolation that comes with being inside more because of weather, and the lack of light because of the shorter days makes for a difficult month. If you know of someone who is homebound, please take a few moments to brighten their day with a phone call or email, or better yet, a visit.

At Three Oaks Cabin there were definitely a few bright January days in spite of the lack of sunshine. The predicted mild weather swooped down on Shetland bringing much treasured warmth. The blankets could be pulled back from the building site, and the floating pad poured for Three Oaks Cabin. The crews of McCann Concrete and Chatham Kent Ready Mix worked together seamlessly and by the end of that day a concrete pad as smooth as ice lay waiting for the next phase of construction.

It is inspiring to have witnessed so many people come and go already at the building site who have contributed of their expertise and time. Equally, we find it heartwarming to see how crews from different companies can compliment each other so well as they combine efforts for the benefit of others. There is such beauty in selfless contributing, and choosing to lay down of ourselves to help others, and that is what we witnessed in the wonderful people who have assisted us so far.

Thank you to the people at Chatham Kent Ready Mix for the train of concrete trucks and for the crew from McCann Concrete who created a perfect surface on which to continue the build. From here we go vertical! Stay tuned, the contractor says he will be here in the next two weeks to start laying logs for the walls. We will be sure to post pictures here to you can enjoy the progress with us!