August 25 Update


As I was contemplating how to start this update, and all the exciting things I had to share, I thought about my opening sentence. What clever line or catchy phrase should I use to grab your attention? Then my mother’s words came to mind: “Always start with gratitude.” Indeed, we have so much to be grateful for! 

Gratitude requires us to acknowledge our blessings, recognizing that the source of those blessings rests outside ourselves. We are recipients. As we reflect on the milestones of the summer, it’s fitting that we thank God for each of you and how He has moved you to take part in this worthy mission.

Due to the collaborative nature of this project, the building of Three Oaks is not typical. We’re grateful to see the various trades involved in the project working harmoniously together. LT Mechanical and Tamminga Electric were on site with the team from Multi Construction, discussing how and where to place things usually “hidden” in the walls. We certainly appreciate everyone’s guidance and ideas! 

The colour of the roof has changed several times over the summer. Initially, it was covered with green fabric, then the team from Braunz Construction sprayed the area between the strapping with a bright yellow insulation to keep our future guests comfortable. As of this writing, the steel for the roof has arrived. We’re thrilled with its dark coffee colour and will share photos once it’s been installed. We’ll also introduce you to the amazing people who installed it.

Looking ahead, we anticipate things to progress rapidly. The windows and doors are ready to

be installed — a big thank you to NorthStar Windows and VanHoof Siding for their partnership! We‘re also pleased we are able to offer our guests beautiful plumbing fixtures, thanks to the generous gifts from Plympton Plumbing. We will introduce all these wonderful folks as their contributions get showcased in the cabin. 

The crew from Multi Construction is returning to construct the interior walls on the upper level. And right now, the entire kitchen is being built thanks to the generous donation by Windmill Cabinets,

Countertops Unlimited and LX Viatera. Just picture cream colour cabinets, a soft grey countertop, and a forest green island! We love how the colours and textures are coming together and it’s so encouraging to see how the work is progressing.

Behind the scenes, the folks at the National Farmers Mental Health Alliance (NFMHA) have been very busy. As you may recall, these are the partners we are working with to design all the programming for guests while they are visiting at Three Oaks Cabin, as well as follow-up therapy for those who desire it. Therapists involved at NFMHA are equipped and trained to address the specific challenges and needs of those in the agriculture and first responder communities.

Summer fundraising events raise almost $50K for Three Oaks Cabin

Splendid, encouraging days - successful on so many levels. 

The Hard Miles Run, held on June 17, had more than 160 participants! We all enjoyed the scenic route along Mitchell’s Bay and it was amazing to see such a diversity of people join in — teens and elders, bikes and strollers, kids perched on dad’s shoulders and babies in mom’s carriers.  There were runners and those who prefer an ambler’s pace. But on this day, the goal was not the finish line. Participants and volunteers were united in a desire to support the guests who will visit the Three Oaks Cabin. And support they did, by raising $15,000.00 towards the cause.

The Shifting Gears Parade on August 12 was equally beautiful. We were grateful that the field was dry enough to support the guest tractors. We were also thankful for the support and participation of local and “not-so-local” farmers. The air was filled with a sense of community and hope… and plenty of engine revving and smoke of course! It was wonderful to have Lianne Rood, our MP, attend and give the official, “Gentlemen, start your engines” call. Even our former MP Mr. Bev Shipley stopped by for a chat with the farmers. Although it did “rain on our parade”,  it didn’t dampen the mood or the spirit of the participants or the generosity of our community. We’re so thankful for the $32,825.00 that was raised through this event! Thanks again to everyone who participated and donated. 

On a personal note, we would like to acknowledge the deep impact the people involved with the project at Three Oaks Cabin is having on our family.  Grief is an arduous journey, and we travel through many valleys of sorrow and tears as we grapple to regain our footing. God has been our constant refuge along the way and we praise Him for sending each and every one of you to provide us with comfort and support. Our hearts overflow with thanksgiving for each of you, and there are no words to adequately express the encouragement it has offered our family.

Together, as members in our respective communities, we are called upon and privileged to use our possessions and resources to bless others. Even our stories of triumphs and trials can be a source of encouragement to those facing difficulties. We can offer a safe space for others to share their struggles, providing secure footing through engaged listening and offering reassurance by sharing authentically. Being members of a community is a privilege, and we can honour that privilege by giving to others in whatever capacity we are called to serve. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your community!