Three Important Updates: March 2023


After a brief hiatus, we were thrilled to see the crew from Scott Johnson Construction arrive and start swinging their hammers at the Three Oaks Cabin site. We had to wait a few weeks to work with this contractor, but their experience in log cabin construction — and with this brand of cabin in particular — was something worth waiting for. Seeing how effortlessly they maneuver logs into place is pure magic.

We try to have coffee with the crew each morning, and it’s exciting to see the walls growing higher with each visit. Watching the various trades work together to achieve a common goal is fascinating. It’s a great example of how communities benefit when people band together, learning from each other, contributing according to our strengths and leaving room for others to assist and share their expertise too.

People are created for community and relationships, and within those two spheres, we have the space to be safely authentic and vulnerable, and to serve those who need our support with the utmost confidence.

March is the time of the year when many organizations hold their annual general membership meetings, and we’ve been fortunate to attend a fair number of these meetings to share our vision for Three Oaks Cabin.

At the London Farm Show, for example, we were able to support the efforts of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture through the Farmer Wellness Initiative. Honest converstaions with the many visitors there gave us ample opportunity to provide encouragement and discuss common pitfalls and the effect they have on our mental well-being.

There are two other exciting announcements to share with you… 

  • On June 17, we plan to host a 5KM charity run/walk called “Hard Miles” with all proceeds going to Three Oaks.   Register here! If you’re free on that date, please consider joining us — all are welcome and we’d love to see you there!
  • On August 12 we will host “Shifting Gears”, our first fund-raising tractor parade. Details for the parade and how to sign up will be available on the website. So pick your wheels and horsepower and shine her up! 

Both events have a dual purpose — to raise awareness for the need to care for our mental wellness like we care for our physical bodies while supporting of the mental wellness and resilience of Farmers and First Responders. All proceeds will be used to fund the support programs provided by Three Oaks. 

We are grateful for your prayer and ongoing company on this journey of healing and building. Please keep in touch!