We have a roof!


Spring has definitely sprung! Isn't it incredible how all the songbirds know just what to do to create a safe home for this year's offspring, how the leaves start their budding process in response to warmer temperatures and longer days, and how the flowers make their appearance after being silently beckoned by the sun? 

Spring is beautiful and holds so much hope, renewal, and life.

We’re also filled with hope and excitement as we share an update on the progress at Three Oaks Cabin. It was a happy day when Tri-County Crane arrived and effortlessly lifted the rafters into place!  With that done, the roof was quickly filled in, and Three Oaks Cabin now resembles exactly that — a cabin.

It’s always a joy to visit the build site; the smell of the raw wood is grounding, the sound of the songbirds singing a joyful tune uplifting and seeing the beautiful spring flowers and vegetation awe-inspiring. It’s amazing how much beauty we see in life when we look for it. Who knew the woodlands held so many spring flowers!

Looking ahead for the next few weeks, we anticipate the roof insulation and the metal roofing panels will be installed. The jury is still out on what colour the roof should be, so if you have suggestions we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email with your suggestion at 3oakscabin@gmail.com

Our faithful partners at Tamminga Electric and LT Mechanical will be back at the site to complete the electrical and plumbing work between the floors. Having solid log walls to work with changes how they usually install plumbing and electrical, so we are grateful for their expertise and steady support. We look forward to the arrival of the Multi Construction crew, who will build the interior walls and install windows and doors.

Moving on to our fundraisers…

If you enjoy a run, brisk walk or a slow meander, consider signing up for the Hard Miles Charity Run scheduled for June 17 in Mitchell's Bay. The sign-up link can be found elsewhere on our website. We would love to have your company on that 5k journey.

We are also excited to share that the Shifting Gears Tractor Parade, scheduled for August 12, is ready to accept your registration! Do you know who was the first person to sign up their horsepower? None other than Jason Bouwman of Compass Creative. The people at Compass Creative designed and updated our website and have been outstandingly supportive. It was heartwarming to receive the email this morning that the "tractor parade was live" and simultaneously receive notification that we had our first registration. Thank you, Jason!

Another early registration for the parade is for a neighbourhood tractor nicknamed "Big Bud”. It’s big and powerful, and sure lives up to its name!  We hope you’ll pick your favourite tractor from the shed and join us for the parade, which will showcase the Canadian farmer and raise funds to support their mental wellness and resilience.

We are deeply grateful to have you along on this journey and appreciate your support. Thank you!